Top 3 Benefits of Structured Air Technology®

Multi-cook ovens provide incredible benefits from the ability to achieve a wider variety of cooking applications to intuitive controls that make food production simple.

With up to three or four independently controlled chambers, you can now steam, bake, air fry, and grill at the exact same time, in the exact same oven without flavor transfer. Yes, really! 

Using exclusive, patented vertical airflow, multi-cook ovens provide greater consistency and speed when it comes to cooking food items at the highest quality. Air is pushed rapidly from both the top and bottom of each chamber to ensure that food cooks evenly. 

1. Produce Great Food

Two types of multi-cook ovens utilize Structured Air Technology, including Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens and Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens. The oven you choose will depend on your menu and facility needs.

Vector was the first multi-cook oven introduced to the market in 2017. Providing up to four independent chambers, you can air fry, bake, grill and more–all at the exact same time using the independent chamber design. Vector comes in full-size and half-size models, both of which are waterless.

Full-size options are great for operations in need of producing a higher volume and variety of food, while half-size is great for achieving greater variety of food through the process of batch cooking. As an added bonus, half-size models are ventless, all that is needed is the proper electrical connection. Both models utilize Structured Air Technology to produce food at the highest consistency and quality.

Converge Multi-Cook Ovens also make it easy to produce beautifully cooked food, no matter who is cooking. Pairing the power of Structured Air Technology with the versatility of boilerless combi-cooking, each chamber can be perfectly programmed with the ideal temperature, fan speed, humidity level, and cook time control.

Your food can be steamed, grilled, baked, or air-fried in each chamber at the exact same time, without flavor transfer between items. The consistent quality of food cooked in a forced-air oven far surpasses that of microwave, traditional, speed cook or convection ovens.

2. Increase Food Volume

This unique technology allows a greater variety of recipes to be cooked faster than ever before. Vertical air produces even heat transfer, so that food cooks quickly and consistently.

Vertical airflow means that heat is not lost when the oven door is opened, allowing operators to start multiple dishes at different times without the need to wait for a cook cycle to finish. Individualized settings and high-speed airflow ensure the highest food quality.

3. Improve Workflow

In a single footprint, you can produce a more varied menu without sacrificing food quality. Up to four different recipes can be cooked to perfection simultaneously without the need to rotate pans, freeing up operators to produce more food in less time. This provides the ability to reduce the number of appliances needed in a kitchen and allows operators to truly design their kitchens to be more efficient. 

Experience the difference by watching our latest multi-cook oven webinar or learn more by visiting our technology page.

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