Top 3 Benefits of Structured Air Technology®

With up to four independent ovens in one, Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens provide unmatched food volume and variety at the highest quality. The secret lies in the revolutionary Structured Air Technology®, which delivers improved consistency and quality when compared to traditional ovens, speed cook ovens and microwaves.

Here are the top three benefits for your operation:

  1. Unmatched Food Volume and Variety

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens with exclusive Structured Air Technology are designed to cook up to four different food items simultaneously. Each chamber has its own independent temperature, fan speed and cook time control, allowing operators to cook different food items the way they are meant to be cooked.

Each chamber has its own fan and heating element. This means that the chambers function independently—eliminating the possibility of flavor transfer when cooking different food items simultaneously.

  1. Improved Food Consistency

With Structured Air Technology, Vector Multi-Cook ovens are able to cook two times the amount of food in the same amount of time as other ovens. Food cooks quickly and evenly, which saves labor by eliminating the need to rotate pans or babysit the cooking process.

Structured Air Technology delivers high-velocity, vertical upward and downward airflow. Air travels through the shelves and is delivered vertically through holes in the jet plates on the top and bottom of each oven chamber. This optimized, focused heat delivers faster, more even and consistent cooking than any other cooking method. 

  1. Efficient Heat Tranfser

The unique, vertical airflow is not only efficient for cooking—it also eliminates heat loss and blasts of hot air when the door is opened. Operators can open the door as needed while cooking, without waiting for a cook cycle to complete before starting another food item. This significantly increases food production, menu flexibility and improves safety for foodservice operators.

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens are available in ventless countertop H Series models or full-size F Series models. See Vector in action during a free A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration near you.

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