What are the Benefits of Boilerless Equipment?

Boilerless ovens use a different approach to creating steam, and they have distinct benefits that boiler ovens can’t compete with. Typically with boilerless technology, cold or room-temperature water is sprayed onto a much hotter surface, which creates steam inside the unit. Then, fans circulate the steam throughout the oven chamber. On the other hand, boiler-based ovens heat up water in a separate tank, so that steam can be sent to the oven chamber when needed.

In this guide, we’ve outlined the clear benefits of boilerless combi ovens, so you can make an educated purchase for your restaurant or foodservice operation.

Adjust the Steam Volume with Precision

Inside an oven, the water flow level needs to be matched to the desired steam output, or you won’t achieve your desired temperature. With a boilerless combi oven, you can specify exactly how much water you want to turn into steam. This flow rate is usually measured as a percentage value from 0 to 100%, and it makes it possible to replicate recipes with delicious results.

Achieve Better Results with Hard Water

Any oven that relies on steam requires filtered water to function properly. Some water sources are harder than others, which means the water contains more minerals like calcium and magnesium. Boilerless ovens can function well with hard water, whereas a boiler-based oven would need additional equipment to soften water that costs a lot of money (like a reverse osmosis filter).

Spend Less Time Cleaning the Oven

Many of today’s ovens have a self-cleaning feature, which helps to keep the interior clean and hygienic. However, boiler-based ovens have more mineral deposits than boilerless models, so they require more thorough cleaning. Likewise, if your boilerless oven has a variable-speed fan, it will disperse the cleaning chemicals throughout the oven chamber in a more effective way.

Use Less Water

To have hot water ready for steam, boiler-based units waste more water than boilerless models. This water is stored in an adjacent tank, whereas a boilerless oven only uses water when you need it. The use of these boilerless units reduces water usage by 80%. 

Reduced Maintenance

The use of a boilerless unit will reduce the cost of maintenance associated with boiler parts and labor. Operations become more efficient with no costly maintenance required, directly impacting the overall reliability of the oven.

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