The Gossimijne Concept

The Gossimijne Concept needed an oven that could cook quality, tapas-style dishes quickly for its seven restaurants—each serving up to 1,200 customers daily. 

Located throughout the Netherlands, the seven bistros serve each customer about two small plate dishes per course, making routing, logistics and preparation a challenge during peak hours. 
Alto-Shaam’s Vector® Multi-Cook Oven was the perfect solution, providing the bistros unmatched food production and quality.

“Compared to traditional convection ovens, I’d say our service is two-and-a-half times faster with the Vector,” said Yvo Goslinga, owner and franchiser of The Gossimijne Concept. “As chefs, we couldn’t be happier, as the Vector makes our busiest hours—between 6 and 9 p.m.—that much easier.”


The Vector Multi-Cook Oven’s exclusive Structured Air Technology® controls temperature, fan speed and air flow inside four individual chambers. This technology allows four food items to be cooked simultaneously at their optimal settings with zero flavor transfer. 

In addition to the Vector, Yvo’s said his team relies on Alto-Shaam’s warming drawers, which keep food warm and flavorful with gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology.  

“We cannot imagine working without the drawers and the Vector oven,” Goslinga said. “Our service depends on them.”

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