The Shed BBQ & Blue's Joint

Built for Quality, Durability: How The Shed BBQ & Blue's Joint Utilizes Cook & Hold Ovens

Deep south barbecue finished in Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens is the perfect combination for this award-winning, quirky barbecue joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The Shed started on “a shoestring budget without the shoestring" and has grown in size – and in fame – over the past 15 years.

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In Ocean Springs, MS, you will find a quirky restaurant built with character. From witty signs to license plates from throughout America, the Shed BBQ and Blues Joint is known as a favorite place for smoky, southern barbecue among locals and tourists alike. Opened in 2001 as a small take-out barbeque shed, it quickly expanded to a destination for live music and famous barbecue.

Today, it is a 15,000-square-foot nationally recognized barbeque joint that has been featured on the Food Network, won multiple barbeque competitions -- including claiming the World Grand Champion title at Memphis in May 2015 -- and even sells its sauces and rubs in grocery stores internationally.

It all started with Brad Orrison, a goofy guy with a knack for entrepreneurialism and a love of dumpster diving.  After spending most of his out-of-class time in college rummaging through dumpsters, he had an epiphany, according to the company’s history.  He decided to turn his junk collection into a small barbecue joint.


Brad created a barbeque legend on “a shoestring budget without the shoestring,” said Brooke Lewis, Brad’s sister and The Shed chief financial officer.

This restaurant became a family affair starting with his sister Brooke. Eventually everyone was involved in creating the perfect menu items and marketing plan needed to run a successful barbecue joint.  

As their business has evolved throughout the years, one thing that has stayed consistent is the need for providing a quality product.  In addition to using all-natural ingredients, the Shed management also believes that having the right commercial kitchen equipment is essential.  

Commercial Cook & Hold Oven Solutions

To achieve this, they utilize Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens to finish all their proteins, including brisket, pulled pork and chicken, as well as some other dishes.  This helps free up space in the pit smoker, as well as help keep the product consistent.

 “The Cook & Holds come in handy for us finishing food because we are so high volume.” said Scott Zink, the Shed’s kitchen manager.  “Without the perfect equipment, the right equipment to do it, you wouldn’t be able to do it”

The Shed cooks foods such as Baby back ribs, spare ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, mac n’ cheese, vegetables and much more.  Most of the smoking is done overnight, requiring reliable equipment that will operate consistently.

Reliability is particularly important for the equipment kept near the large pit smoker. The smoker emits a high level of heat in the already hot Gulf Coast region.  The temperature of this area can often reach 110° Fahrenheit. This can be very tough on any piece of equipment, but the Cook & Hold ovens are built for tough conditions.

Cook & Hold ovens are equipped with Halo Heat® technology, which helps to create an even distribution of heat. This contributes to the overall quality of the entire product. 

 “The Halo Heat® system is consistent.  You don’t have too much heat at the bottom, not too much on the top” said Zink.

The ovens also aid in saving restaurants money by reducing electricity costs and are easy to place anywhere in the kitchen because they do not need to be put under a hood.

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