Alto-Shaam Internships

What We Offer

We invest in our interns so that they develop the professional and interpersonal skills needed to be successful in their future. Last summer, we hired 19 interns—75 percent of which returned as a year-round intern or full-time staff member. Our goal is to fill entry-level, permanent positions with interns who have completed exceptional work and exhibit our values and culture. 

Our Program

Interns complete special projects for their department and collaborate with cross-functional teams. Additionally, the program includes: 

- Product training by the culinary team

- Focus lunch with Alto-Shaam’s president

- Intern leadership building event

- Company-wide networking events

- A final recap presentation on your projects and takeaways for managers and other interns


Internship Opportunities

We offer internships in the following departments: 

- Customer Service
- Engineering
      - Design
      - Electrical
      - Manufacturing
      - New Product Development
      - Software
- Finance/Accounting
- Human Resources
- Information Technology (IT)
- Marketing
- Product Management
- Sales
- Culinary
- Quality
- Supply Chain/Operations


Internship Advice

As an intern, you will learn and grow exponentially while working on exciting projects in your field and forging strong professional connections. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the experience:

- Demonstrate initiative. As an intern, you will be tasked with hands-on projects that contribute to the overall vision and goals of the department and company. We encourage you to share your ideas and talent fully while executing these projects. Additionally, successful interns are engaged, enthusiastic and proactive throughout their time at Alto-Shaam. 

- Be coachable. Ask for open and honest feedback regarding your performance and understand that constructive advice is necessary for growth. 

- Find a mentor. A professional mentor is someone who is willing to share their skills, knowledge and expertise with you so that you may grow in your field. If you are not directly assigned a mentor, we encourage you to work closely with someone that you admire in the company. These professional relationships will help answer any questions you might have and will be able to help you grow and feel connected to Alto-Shaam. 

- Set personal goals. Set SMART goals for yourself with your supervisor. These goals will provide a framework for what you will accomplish. You will also be able to effectively measure your growth by establishing objectives in the beginning of your internship.

- Do your research. Become a sponge during your internship. Ask your supervisor and team questions as they arise and make it a point to learn about Alto-Shaam and the industry by exploring resources, such as trade journals, blog articles, presentations or the website. Reading and learning about the company and industry will equip you to understand how you can contribute, while also providing you a more holistic understanding of Alto-Shaam’s scope.

More Information

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