72-Hour St. Louis Ribs

Although often thought of as a summer BBQ tradition, St.Louis style ribs make an unexpected and welcome addition to any menu during any time of the year. Here is our easy way of preparing this popular dish for your guests.


  • Spare Ribs
  • Rib Rub
  • Applewood Chips
  • Sous Vide Bags


1. Prepare rub or use store bought
2. Season Ribs
3. Soak wood chips for 10-15 minutes and place in smoke box from Alto-Shaam 767-SK/III Smoker
4. Place smoke box in unit with a hotel pan full of ice on rack directly above
5. Place seasoned ribs on rack above ice and set up cold smoke
6. Burn wood for 15 minutes, and let product rest in the unit for 30 more minutes at 140°F
7. Remove ribs and place in sous vide bags
8. Place sealed bags in an Alto-Shaam Combitherm oven at 180°F to pasteurize
9. Have Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold unit preheated to 145°F
10. Place pasteurized bags into Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold and cook for 72 hours
11. Remove ribs from bag and rub with sauce
12. Place the sauced ribs back in the Alto-Shaam Combitherm oven to caramelize before service 


72-Hour St. Louis Ribs
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