Andy's Mexican Hot Chocolate

Sweet and Spicy, this Hot Chocolate can be perfectly paired with warm Churros.  


Milk 2 C. (473 ML) 
Chocolate very good quality chopped 4oz (113g) 
Vanilla bean 1 
Almond extract 1/3 oz (9 g) 
Chipotle powder to taste 
Heavy whipping cream 4 oz (113 g) 
Cinnamon for garnishing 
Lemon Zest for garnishing


1) Put the milk, chocolate, seeds from the vanilla bean, and almond extract into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. 
2) Place the bowl into the Alto-Shaam Combi Oven set on Steam 220° F (104°C) 
3) When the chocolate is completely melted and the milk is quite hot, remove the bowl from the Combi Oven
4) Use an immersion blender to whip the ingredients together. Add chipotle powder to taste. 
5) Pour most of the hot chocolate into four cups, leaving a little to whip with the cream. 
6) Add the cream to the bowl and whip it to soft peaks with the remaining hot chocolate and spoon it over four cups. 
7) Garnish over the hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon, lemon zest, and a pinch of chipotle powder

Enjoy this with a plate full of warm Churros!

Mexican Hot Chocolate and Churros Recipe
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