Applewood Smoked Turkey

This applewood smoked turkey recipe is great for the holiday season. 


1 Turkey Breast (2-3 lbs.)
1.5 Cups Apple Juice
1 tbsp Sea Salt
.5 tsp. Ground Black Pepper
3 branches of fresh sage
1 small onion
1.5 tbsp Montreal Steak Seasoning
1 cup Applewood chips
.5 Bag of Cranberries (1.5 Cups)
.5 Cup Sugar 
1 Pinch Cinnamon 
2 Strips Lemon Peel 
.5 Cup Water or Apple Juice


  1. Prepare the brine the day before by combining apple juice and sea salt until disolved
  2. Prepare fresh sage by stripping leaves from stems
  3. Lift skin of turkey by inserting thumbs and pulling skin from the meat 4. Insert 4-5 large save leaves under skin
  4. Flip breast skin side down. Create a few little pockets near the bone, stuffing 2-3 more leaves inside
  5. Peel and slice onion, place in bowl with sage stems
  6. Season turkey breast with seasoning and place in bowl with onions
  7. Mix the turkey breast with the onions and sage. Dress with the apple brine and place in pans, skin side down for the night
  8. Wrap with plastic wrap, place in Alto-Shaam Quckchiller using the Soft Chill setting and a probe inserted in the thickest part of the meat
  9. Fill smoker basket with soaked Applewood chips, and the onion and sage from the marinade
  10. Place the woodchip box inside the Alto-Shaam smoker and cook at 275°F until probe reaches 165°F (about 25 minutes)

When done, garnish with cranberry glaze and serve. 

Applewood Smoked Turkey Recipe
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