Beef Guisada

This slow roasted shredded beef is sure to be delicious served on a tortilla or bun.


10 LB (4.5 kg) beef round 
2 T. (30 ml) chili powder 
2 T. (30 ml) ground cumin 
1 t. (5 ml) cayenne pepper 
1 C. (236 ml) chopped cilantro 
1 T. (14 ml) Kosher salt 
1 T. (14 ml) ground pepper 
1 large onion, diced 
2 red bell peppers, cut into strips 
4 C. (946 ml) beef stock 
4 oz. (118 ml) tomato paste


Preheat Cook & Hold oven to 250 F. (121 C.)Place the beef in a roasting pan. Combine all dry ingredients and rub on beef. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over the beef, cover with plastic wrap. 
roast for 20 minutes per pound and hold over night at 160 F. (71 C.). 
After cooking cycle, pull and shred the beef, combine with the cooking liquid and season with salt and pepper.

Add more chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice to taste. Serve in a tortilla or on a bun.

Beef Guisada Recipe
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