Classic Cheesecake

This silky cream cheese center surrounded by a crumbly graham cracker crust is sure to be a hit.  


1 LB (453 gr) cream cheese 
1/2 C. (133 gr) sugar 
1/2 t. (2.5 cl) vanilla 
1/2 t. (2.5 cl) lemon juice 
1/8 t. (.75 cl) lemon zest 
2 eggs 
1 pre-baked graham cracker or cookie crust


Mix until blended the first five ingredients. Do not over beat or the cheesecake will rise and fall like a soufflĂ©. Mix eggs into batter. Pour into a pre-baked crust. If desired melted chocolate or fruit puree can be swirled into the batter before steaming. Steam in the Combi oven at 190 F (88 C) steam mode for 50 minutes. Let cool before adding any toppings.

Top with chocolate shavings, fresh fruit or a fruit compote.

Classic Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit Recipe
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