Classic Osso Buco

Recreate this Italian classic over and over again.  Using the Cook & Hold allows the flavor of these 8 veal shanks to deepen and create the perfect mix of flavor and texture.  


8 veal shanks
1/4 C. (59 ml) flour
Kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper
4 T. (59 ml) olive oil
2 medium onions diced
4 carrots cut bite size
1/2 bottle dry white wine from Piedmont region
16 oz. (473 ml) can diced plum tomatoes
4 garlic cloves chopped
5 lemons zested
1 bay leaf
1 C. hot veal stock

For the Gremolata
4 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of flat leaf parsley
zest of 2 lemons
chop together


Flour and season the shanks. Place in a roasting pan and add remaining ingredients. Cover with plastic wrap and roast overnight in the cook and hold oven.

Cook at 250 F (121 C)

Hold at 160 F (71 C)

Set timer for 3 1/2 hours


Serve over gnocchi or mashed potatoes, garnish with Gremolata. Enjoy with a Barbaresco wine.


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