Creme Brulee

The Cook & Hold oven makes this complicated dessert easier!


 1 Quart Cream

 1 Dozen Egg Yolks

 1 2/3 Cup Sugar

 1 Vanilla Bean


 1. Add egg yolks to a large mixing bowl

 2. Add in sugar and vanilla bean

 3. Whisk ingredients together until egg yolks turn a pale yellow

 4. Add in cream and wisk until well incorporated

 5. After letting your batter sit overnight, strain in to a pitcher

6. Arrange vessels in a hotel pan and pour batter into vessels

 7. Set your Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold to 275°F for one hour

 8. Add one cup of water to the bottom drip tray

9. Place pan of creme brulees into the Cook & Hold and place a cover over the pan

 10. After one hour remove pan and place in Alto-Shaam Quickchiller

 11. At service time sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar on top of each creme brulee and use a kitchen torch to caramelize the sugar

Creme Brulee Recipe
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