Perfectly Cooked Steaks

Steak can be a tricky food to get right, but this recipe will give perfect results everytime.  


4 oz.-16 oz. (118 ml-473 ml) individually portioned steaks 
Salt and pepper or all purpose seasoning to taste


Place steaks on a sheet pan and season. 
Cook in a preheated 
Combi Oven at 130 F (54 C) in steam mode for 15-20 minutes to an internal temperature of 130 F (54 C). This will produce a rare steak. 
NOTE: The steaks will not overcook at this temperature. 
When needed for service just mark on a grill or broiler. Increase cooking time if steaks need to be cooked to medium rare, medium, etc.

Serve with your favorite sauce and vegetable.

Perfectly Cooked Steaks Recipe
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