Pork shoulder braised in milk

Succulent and juicy, this under-appreciated Italian dish is sure to add a new flavor to your menu.  


3 oz (89ml) olive oil 
1 pork butt, bone in 
2 onions 
6 cloves garlic 
2 cans condenced milk 
zest of 2 myer lemons 
sage leaves
kosher salt & peper


Preheat cook & hold oven to 325f (163c), set probe for 180f (82c) and hold at 160f (71c). 
In a heavy pan heat oil and sear pork on all sides. 
remove the pork and saute onions and garlic untill browning. Add the pork, myer lemon zest, condenced milk and sage, bring to a simmer. 
Place into cook & hold oven and probe the pork, push start. 
The sauce will look broken. To finish, remove meat from the pan, blend and season.

Serve over creamy polenta

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