Smoked Apple Chutney

Serve this heart-warming topping on roasted pork for a new fruity twist.   


12 Granny Smith Apples 
10 D’Anjou Pears 
2 Large Onions 
¼ C. ( 59 ml ) Mustard seeds 
6 Cinnamon stick 
12 each Whole cloves 
3 T. ( 44 ml ) Allspice 
4 C. ( 907 g ) Apple cider vinegar 
4 C. ( 907 g ) Sugar 
1 box 15 oz. ( 428 g ) Gold raisins 
1 T. ( 15 ml) Kosher salt


Peel, core and cut into fourths the apples and pears. 
Lay on a sheet tray and smoke in the halo heat smoker no heat, burn time 20 min, leave in for 1 hr. 
Dice onions and sauté until just starting to caramelize add all the spices. 
Stir in apples, pears, vinegar, sugar and raisins, salt, cook until tender. 
(If apples or pears are too tart you may need to adjust the sugar.) 
If canning 
Wash jars, lids, tops, place in combi on a perf pan and steam at 225°F ( 107°C ) for 10 min. 
Fill jars with hot chutney, cover and screw on tops. Place jars in a preheated cook & hold oven at 250°F ( 121°C ) for 20 minutes (this will pull a vacuum)

Serve with roasted pork

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