If you are looking for new ways to stretch the tasks you can utilize your equipment for, look no further!!  Create multiple different flavors of fresh yogurts using your holding cabinet.  


2-percent milk 1 qt (.95ML) 
Powdered milk 1/2 cup (118 ML) 
Honey 3 T (44 ML) 
Plain yogurt, room temperature 1/2 cup (118 ML)


Preheat warmer at 200F (93C)for 45 min and cool down to 115 F (46 C) 
Pour milk into pan and whisk in powdered milk and honey. 
Steam at 212 F (100 C )and bring mixture to 120F(49 C). 
Once milk has reached 120 F (49 C) pour into a sterilized container, reserving 1/2 c (118 ML). Whisk in the reserved 1/2c (118 ML) into the yogurt and add back to the milk mixture. 
Let the mixture ferment in Alto-Shaam warmer set at 115 F (46C) door vents closed for 3 to 12 hours. 
After fermentation is complete place into the refrigerator overnight.

Add your favorite fruit and enjoy

Yogurt Recipe
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