4 Reasons Every Kitchen Needs a Cook & Hold

Explore new methods of cooking high-quality restaurant dishes with low temperature Cook & Hold ovens.

The food industry can be challenging with slim margins. The name of the game is improving profitability, but getting there can feel like an impossible feat. What if you could increase profits, reduce waste, and not have to cut corners ever again?

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold ovens are designed to save operators money by reducing overhead and streamline kitchen processes.

1. Higher Yields

Prime rib is the most sought-after piece of meat next to filet mignon. In one night, you might cut away pieces that are overcooked or throw away meat that wasn't cooked enough or become too cold to serve. That's a lot of money in the trash that you can't get back.

Using a Cook & Hold oven, operators can reduce meat shrinkage by 18% compared to traditional cooking methods. Equipped with thermal cabling and Halo Heat® technology, the oven cavity is surrounded with gentle, precise heat to evenly cook and hold food at their ideal temperatures, without drying food out. Calculate how much you can save in food costs by using our yield calculator

2. Labor Savings

When you own a Cook & Hold oven, its intuitive controls will save on labor costs and alleviate stress from your staff. These ovens are designed using Cheflinc™, a remote oven management system that streamlines processes. Operators can seamlessly push programmed recipes, monitor the oven, receive data-driven insights and more.

Cook & Hold ovens provide a better distribution of workloads and relieve other pieces of equipment with versatile menu applications from sou vide to roasting to fermenting and more. The Cook & Hold can slow cook and hold overnight for lights out cooking that lets your menu shine. The oven automatically switches from cooking mode to holding mode, so no more babysitting the process. The only thing your staff needs to do is prep the food, load it in the oven and select the recipe. The oven does the rest. 

3. Energy Efficient

Utility costs are on the list of top expenses associated with running a restaurant. After food, supplies, and staff, you have to pay for electricity and gas to heat, cook, light, etc., the whole restaurant. Heavy equipment is the first place to look at if you are aiming to reduce energy, water, and other utility costs. 

With a low temperature Cook & Hold oven, you automatically eliminate added ventilation and water usage costs. Waterless and ventless, these ovens can be installed anywhere with the right electrical hookup, saving thousands on installation. What’s more, the Cook & Hold costs less than $2 per day to operate and only utilizes 2.6 kW. 

4. Consistent Food Quality

A big problem with traditional cooking methods is the amount of babysitting required throughout the cooking process. Luckily, Cook & Hold ovens feature programmable recipes and the option to cook by probe to ensure the food comes out the same way every time, no matter who is cooking. 

What’s more, Cook & Hold ovens make the most out of less expensive, underutilized cuts of meat to ensure operators get the most return from their products. By gently cooking and holding food, the oven provides a better-quality product at a lower cost. 

Evenly cooked food that doesn't dry out thanks to the elimination of harsh heating elements like fans and cal rods. 

These are just a couple of ways a Cook & Hold oven can save money without compromising food quality. Experience these ovens in action by attending a free, upcoming A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration near you. 

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