A Guide to Plate Retherm

Banqueting chefs strive for speed, consistency and quality while serving food in high volumes. Preparing this massive quantity of food consistently in a short amount of time can be an expensive, labor-intensive task. What if a foodservice operation could guarantee the highest food quality and consistency while increasing speed of service and using less labor?

By following the five step process with Alto-Shaam's plate retherm banqueting system, chefs are able to produce high quality, consistent food in shorter amounts of time while reducing mistakes, staffing and food costs. 

5 Easy Steps

Streamline your foodservice's operation with Alto-Shaam’s fully integrated rack management system and plate retherm process. These five easy steps allow you to prepare meals in advance with a focus on quality and presentation, so when the service time arrives all you have to do is rethermalize, sauce and garnish plates. Here's how it is done:

  1. Cook in bulk in an Alto-Shaam Combitherm® combi oven.
  2. Chill in the Alto-Shaam Quickchiller™. Food quality and freshness is locked in when food is quickly chilled to a safe temperature outside of the danger zone.
  3. Plate cold to prepare for service. Focus on presentation during slow periods and stage meals until ready for rethermalization.
  4. Retherm and refresh in an Alto-Shaam combi oven to safely restore food to the proper temperature while maximizing food quality for service.
  5. Hold in the Alto-Shaam CombiMate® companion heated holding cabinet. Gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology allows for advanced staging and timing flexibility so every plate is served at the perfect moment. 

Cost Saving Benefits

With the industry’s only fully integrated rack management system, the cost saving benefits are many. The plate retherm process provides cost savings for labor, food and time. Because food is cooked and plated up to five days before service, extra time and labor are not required to prepare all of the plates the day of. Also, because of easy to roll in carts, no time is spent transferring pans back and forth between equipment. The carts easily move between the combi, Quickchiller and holding cabinet to save time and labor. Food costs are also managed as plate retherm allows for accurate portioning and heated holding that doesn’t degrade food quality.  

Customer success: The Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan

Discover the difference – watch the video to see the difference between Alto-Shaam's plate retherm system and a traditional banqueting system. 

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