Equipment Guide for Evolving C-Store Foodservice Programs

Explore the latest equipment solutions designed to help c-stores build or expand pre-prepared foodservice programs.

As consumers look for convenience and value in grab-and-go food options, convenience store operators face growing challenges with food waste, space, labor and food volume and variety.

Fresh, high quality food is a key differentiator for c-stores looking to grow and evolve their foodservice programs. From bakery to pizza or chicken programs and more, programmable, easy to install equipment systems are key to streamlining pre-prepared food programs. C-store foodservice operators can build savings into their programs by choosing equipment that eliminates costs and maximizes food quality.

Ventless Solutions

Small stores need to maximize their limited space, but most ovens require a ventilation hood, which further restricts space and adds maintenance and installation costs. A ventless, compact pizza oven like Alto-Shaam’s Vector® H Series Multi-Cook Oven can be installed anywhere, allowing operators to maximize their space, their way. This gives more flexibility when arranging the foodservice layout, without worry about the costs associated with water hookups or traditional ventilation systems.

As an added bonus, Vector ovens are fully programmable and operate with independent chambers, allowing crew members to seamlessly cook up to four different food items at different temperatures, fan speeds and times, simultaneously. The multi-functionality allows you to produce an unmatched volume and variety of high-quality food in the smallest spaces consistently every time. With Structured Air Technology®, these ovens cook food at the highest quality, two times faster than conventional technology to keep up during peak hours.  Providing one-touch menu execution, Vector ovens feature ChefLinc™, a remote oven management system that allows operators to seamlessly create, push and pull recipes from their oven using an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard. Operators can also collect and store cooking data, receive detailed service diagnostics and more.

Enhanced Displays

If you are looking for a hot food display case, our heated shelf warmers are important in c-stores because they keep food at ideal temperatures while customers safely browse packaged grab-and-go items. They also provide a presentable display for food items, boosting customer interest and encouraging impulse buys. Alto-Shaam Heated Shelf Merchandisers provide individual shelf control, so operators can set shelves at ideal temperatures for different menu items. Additionally, these merchandisers are fanless with radiant, gentle Halo Heat® technology that doesn't dry food out.

High-Quality Holding

Compact holding solutions streamline labor and food production by allowing operators to batch cook in bulk and hold for extended times at the highest quality before displaying. Holding cabinets with gentle Halo Heat technology allow c-stores to evenly keep warm food and retain moisture and flavor. No ventilation, plumbing or drainage is required. Holding cabinets are stackable with other equipment, including Vector ovens or heated shelf warmers—further supporting a better grab-and-go experience, while boosting impulse sales and minimizing food waste.

Whether your c-store is looking to introduce or enhance a foodservice program, Alto-Shaam is your partner with the experience, resources and equipment solutions to meet the needs of your growing convenience store food programs.

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