The Benefits of Probe Cooking

Food thermometers provide valuable information about a product’s internal temperature. Whether you’re cooking proteins or veggies, you can use a probe to find out whether food's temperature is outside of the “danger zone” (between 40° and 140°F). This ensures that dangerous bacteria have been neutralized and the food is safe to eat.

At Alto-Shaam, we’ve incorporated detachable temperature probes in many of our ovens, including Combitherm ovens. The detachable probe allows kitchens to cook using temperature instead of time. The detachable feature of the probe reduces downtime and costly repairs. A multi-point and sous vide probe is also available for the combitherm. 

In this guide, we’ve shared a few benefits of temperature probe cooking.

Avoid Food-Borne Illness

Every cut of meat needs to reach a precise internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria. For example, a whole cut of pork or beef should exceed 145°F with a 3-minute rest, and ground beef should exceed 160°F. The only way to really know this information is with a meat thermometer. More than 120,000 people were hospitalized in 2016 from food-borne bacteria, and 3,000 people died. You can’t afford to avoid this step while cooking, so make sure to invest in a quality meat thermometer and utilize probe cooking whenver possible.

Maintain a Desired Temperature

As food cools down, it can quickly fall back into the danger zone, so it’s crucial to have a probe on hand. This will allow you to reheat food before it drops below 140°F for too long. Meanwhile, you can use temperature probe cooking to reheat or retherm food more evenly, so that there are no internal cold spots.

Cook with Precision

There’s nothing worse than overcooked food, especially if you’re working with a quality cut of meat. To reach the proper temperature, you can use a probe to monitor food as it cooks. Today’s digital probes are extremely precise, but you can test their accuracy with your oven or by boiling water and dipping the probe inside. If it reads 212°F, you’ll know that it’s working properly.

Simplify the Cooking Process

With a probe thermometer, you eliminate the guesswork of cooking different cuts of meat. Depending on the meat’s size, it can vary wildly in cooking time, so you shouldn’t use it as the only indicator of doneness. A lot of digital meat probes can also measure internal and external temperature at the same time, so you can monitor the area and add or reduce heat when needed.

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