The Benefits of Waterless Food Wells

Provide hot, quality food to customers while reducing a number of operating costs using Alto-Shaam's waterless hot food wells.

Customers across the foodservice industry know the disheartening moment that happens when they walk up to a buffet table only to find unappetizing food that looks as if it has been sitting way too long. The edges of the macaroni and cheese are crisp, meat is a dried out, grayish brown in color, and vegetables are mush. Unfortunately, many have come to accept this use of traditional steam tables and dry wells that have limited holding times and degrade food quality. But there is a better way. 

Below are five benefits of Alto-Shaam’s waterless food wells designed to provide hot, quality food to customers while reducing a number of operating costs. 

1. Halo Heat® technology

Halo Heat® is Alto-Shaam’s exclusive technology that provides precise, gentle heat to food while preserving its natural moisture and overall quality. This technology doesn't use harsh heating elements, fans or steam, which overcook and dry out food. Instead, Halo Heat uses a gentle thermal cable that allows for food to be held at consistent, controllable serving temperatures. For improved reliability, there are no fans or moving parts in the heating system. 

2. Easy to control

Waterless food wells come with an easy-to-use, adjustable thermostat. The thermostats also feature optional independent controls for individual wells to be heated at different temperatures, for optimal holding conditions for every food item. 

3. Safe operation

Hot water and steam from traditional steam tables can burn employees who are transporting and changing out serving pans. They also could be a hazzard to customers. With waterless food wells, employees will safely and easily be able to refill or change out pans throughout service. 

4. Simple installation

Because no water or plumbing connections are required, installation is simple. Waterless food wells can be installed into any fabricated surface or fixture and only require an electrical hookup. 

5. Less expensive to operate

All of Alto-Shaam’s waterless food wells have an EcoSmart design, which reduces and eliminates several different costs. 

  • Halo Heat technology in food wells is designed to not only preserve food quality and reduce food waste but also reduce energy usage, saving operators money on electricity costs.
    • One 3 pan Halo Heat food well (300-HWI/D4) vs. 3 pan steam food well uses 64% less electricity. 
  • When food quality is preserved for longer periods of time, less food is wasted and thrown away, reducing food costs. 
  • Save on plumbing and water related installation and service costs. No longer will operators have to eliminate lime and scale build up, replace/treat dirty water, fix water leaks and unclog lines. 

Alto-Shaam has a number of different size configurations to choose from for either hot or cold drop-in waterless food wells. Drop-in wells easily fit into any buffet service counter, prep station, or chef's table and can be customized to fit your needs.

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“For installation, there is no need for water and drains to be present or added for a project. As for maintenance, we no longer have to replace wells that were damaged by lime and minerals in the water or run dry and scorched.”

- Linda Conti, director of purchasing services

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