The Best Kitchen Equipment for Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service concepts are centered around speed and efficiency, yet, customers still want to enjoy a quality meal. Using the right kitchen equipment, quick service restaurants can achieve high-quality results in record time.


In a quick service kitchen, speed and efficiency is virtually everything. Of course, customers want to enjoy a quality meal, but many people visit a quick service restaurant because they don’t have time to waste. To that end, some kitchen equipment lends itself to the quick service business model, which relies on quick cooking processes, holding equipment, and limited space. In this guide, we’ve shared quick service equipment recommendations that maintain food quality, while still achieving results in record time.

Multi-Cook Ovens

Alto-Shaam's multi-cook ovens are multi-functional pieces of equipment that are versatile and can alleviate multiple pieces of equipment, to save money, space and labor. These ovens allow for simultaneous, high-quality preparation of a wide variety of food that can be cooked at the same time while using different methods. The enables a quick service restaurant to truly execute their menu at the highest volume and variety through batch cooking. 

Alto-Shaam's Vector® multi-cook oven offers up to four independent oven chambers in one, along with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time controls. Each chamber acts as its own independent oven, allowing operators to bake cookies, grill salmon, and roast veggies - all at the same time, with zero flavor transfer. Both ventless and waterless, these ovens can be placed anywhere, reducing installation and operating costs - no plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.

Converge® multi-cook ovens offer up to three independent combis ovens in one, providing endless cooking possibilities. With the addition of humidity, operators can increase food production with the ability to steam, bake, air fry, grill, and more - all at the same time in a ventless, compact footprint. These ovens are also self-cleaning, saving operators valuable time and effort that could be spent tending the front counter or prepping food for the next rush.

The secret to more food with no flavor transfer lies in Structured Air Technology®. In each chamber, air is directed upward and downward through slots and holes in the jet plates that creates a vertical curtain. This makes for efficient, even heat distribution with no hot or cold spots.

These ovens are ideal for a quick service environment because you can cook several dishes simultaneously within a compact device with zero flavor transfer. Furthermore, a multi-cook oven can handle twice as much food as a traditional convection oven and cook food two times faster, which cuts your production time even further.

Increased Connectivity with ChefLinc™ 

Both multi-cook ovens have ChefLinc™ Wi-Fi capabilities. This remote oven management system gives operators control of their ovens across locations to execute automatic downloads, push and pull recipes, view detailed reports and more, all done from a single location. No longer do operators need to travel with a USB to download software updates or LTOs. Additionally, operators can explore Alto-Shaam's global recipe library for culinary inspiration and can easily add those new recipes to their own company library - and ovens - with just a few clicks.

Blast Chillers

As quick service restaurants continue to spread like wildfire and salads continue to take over menus, it’s useful to have equipment that can rapidly chill down cooked proteins, and more. Doing so is critical to food safety and freshness, while reducing waste overtime. 

Alto-Shaam's Quickchiller™ blast chillers can significantly reduce waste and increase revenue by rapidly and efficiently removing heat from foods. Using a combination of low temperature and high velocity air, these units are designed to uniformly decrease food temperatures well within HACCP and FDA requirements.

Heated Holding Solutions

Once you have cooked the product, you'll need the right equipment to hold food at a consistent temperature to be ready for service. For the most reliable heated holding, we'd recommend you place the product in Alto-Shaam's heated holding cabinets, drawer warmers or other holding solutions.  Alto-Shaam's full system of holding solutions all utilize the same gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology, which locks in moisture and holds at the perfect temperature for longer. No need to worry about food overcooking, drying out or losing quality, as harsh heating elements are not used. 

To learn more about our cutting-edge ovens, chillers and heated holding solutions, request A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration. 

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