The Value of Multi-Functional Equipment

These days, kitchen space is at a premium and the best solution is for manufacturers to offer multi-functional equipment that can replace bulky equipment designed for one function or purpose.

Alto-Shaam manufactures Combitherm™ Ovens, Cook & Hold Ovens, and Vector® Multi-Cook Ovens that offer the versatility needed for ever-popular small space commercial kitchens or kitchens with limited space under the hood.

Combi Ovens

The Combitherm Combi Oven is an all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent volume food production. The combination of steam and convection oven creates a versatile unit that will replace a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker, and dehydrator. The commercial combi oven allows chefs to control humidity and temperature separately, allowing them to dehydrate vegetables, roast pork, steam rice, smoke brisket, bake loaves of bread, and more all with one single piece of equipment. If space under a hood is limited, the operation can invest in a combi oven with an NS/UL – approved ventless hood, which is less expensive than a traditional hood. This versatility means less equipment in the kitchen and more space savings.

Cook & Hold Ovens

The original Cook & Hold Oven provides precise, low-temperature cooking with Halo Heat® technology. Free up vital hood space with the ventless design and save up to $30 a day in operating costs. Chefs will be able to take advantage of overnight cooking while eliminating the need for extra manpower. Use the Cook & Hold oven for a variety of different techniques including braising, preparing soups and stocks, baking, canning, smoking, and more.

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens

The new revolutionary Vector Multi-Cook Oven provides flexibility, variety and space-savings with up to four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual oven chamber. The Vector oven cooks up to four different food items simultaneously – with zero flavor transfer. Its exclusive Structured Air Technology® saves on labor without watching or rotating pans. The unique airflow allows food to keep cooking while opening and closing the oven with virtually no heat loss. The need for equipment including traditional ovens, microwave and speed ovens, grills, conveyor ovens and salamanders is also eliminated.

Countertop (H Series)

Countertop (H Series) models can be placed anywhere with ventless operation, eliminating the need for an exhaust hood. The waterless design creates additional flexibility for any kitchen while reducing installation and operating costs. H Series models are perfect for anywhere you are tight on space.

Full-size (F Series)

Full-size (F Series) models are also waterless. These models can replace two traditional ovens, optimizing your kitchen’s square footage and workflow and are perfect for high volume, batch cooking.

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