Ventless Hood Options

With several ventless options to choose from, nearly any space can show their culinary offerings. Read more about the ventless advantage and how these solutions could benefit you.

Culinary magic happens in a commercial kitchen, but that magic is often accompanied by an unwanted byproduct: the smoke, odors, and grease-laden air generated during the cooking process.

To ensure those byproducts don’t interfere with the focus of the operation, kitchens often incorporate ventilation systems designed to remove unwanted smoke and smells from the surrounding air. Unfortunately, installing ventilation hoods and the accompanying exhaust systems can cost thousands of dollars, putting them out of reach for many smaller operations. Additionally, it may not be possible to install ventilation systems in spaces such as downtown office buildings, convenience stores, or facilities shared with other businesses.

By incorporating ventless hood options, though, nearly any space can serve as a stage to show off an operation’s culinary offerings.

The Ventless Advantage

Kitchen equipment, such as ventless ovens, provide operators with greater flexibility in kitchen design and layout. These systems do not require external exhaust connections, meaning kitchen spaces can be optimized for efficiency and workflow. Operators can rearrange equipment anywhere on the kitchen line and expand their menu offerings without the limitations imposed by traditional vent hoods.

Here are some additional benefits ventless technology provides:

Cost Savings

Ventless equipment can save on several operating costs. Installation costs for a commercial hood system alone can start off around $2,000 per linear foot. Since these systems will likely be operating every hour someone is in the kitchen, utility costs will also increase, along with labor costs for regular cleaning and maintenance. The absence of ductwork and exhaust connections with ventless ovens eliminates the need for expensive construction and modifications. With equipment such as a Cook & Hold oven, daily electrical use only costs $2 to operate.

Compliance and Safety

Our ventless hood systems comply with stringent industry regulations and safety standards, such as the EPA 202 standard, which limits oven emissions to no more than 5.0 mg/m3 of grease-laden air. Unlike speed cook ovens and impingement ovens, Alto-Shaam’s ventless equipment solutions meet this EPA standard allowing operators to cook raw proteins. By incorporating advanced filtration mechanisms to effectively capture and remove grease, smoke, and odors, operators can cook raw proteins without a traditional hood. Alto-Shaam also has a dedicated compliance team that is dedicated to working with foodservice operators and local municipalities for receiving ventless approval.

Improper cleaning and maintenance of oven hoods, ductwork and exhaust systems pose a substantial risk of fire. With ventless equipment, this risk is eliminated while improving indoor air quality and promoting a healthier and safer workplace.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Ventless hood systems are typically easier to install and maintain compared to traditional vent hoods. The absence of complex ductwork simplifies installation, and regular maintenance involves filter replacement and basic routine cleaning. This saves time and resources, allowing kitchen staff to focus on creating an outstanding dining experience. Even for businesses that weren’t built around a foodservice program, incorporating a countertop oven can be the foundation of a profitable and successful operation without expensive installation and maintenance.

Here’s a brief list to some of the ventless ovens that are available:

Combi Ovens

Our latest Prodigi™ combi ovens are a great solution for cooking large amounts of food while saving space on the line. Paired with a Ventech™ or Ventech™ PLUS Type 1 hood, this oven can be placed anywhere, saving on costs compared to those larger and more expensive traditional kitchen hoods. These ventless hood additions capture and remove grease-laden air, vapors, and lingering smoke. With multiple cooking functions built into a single appliance, a Prodigi combi oven can do the work of a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker, and more.

Cook & Hold Ovens

A Cook & Hold oven is a ventless and waterless oven that also has the flexibility to be placed anywhere while cooking food to the highest quality and consistency. Since it is waterless, there are additional savings relating to plumbing, drains, filtration, and associated maintenance. Operators can also save on labor costs with the ability to cook and hold food overnight, reallocating labor wherever it's needed.

Using Halo Heat® technology, the Cook & Hold can deliver consistent, radiant heat that can boost yields by 15 to 20 percent compared to conventional cooking technologies and cost less than $2 per day to operate.

Multi-Cook Ovens

Multi-Cook ovens are ventless solutions that allow operators to cook multiple dishes at the same time without any flavor transfer. Each individual cooking chamber is independent of the other, with its own catalytic converter to filter out grease and convert it to CO2 and H2O.

Alto-Shaam’s Vector® multi-cook ovens and Converge® multi-cook ovens are ideal for operators looking to produce a variety of food in a ventless space. Both ovens feature a high velocity, vertical airflow called Structured Air Technology®. This makes it so operators can achieve a number of cooking applications in the same unit with the highest quality and consistency. For example, a Converge multi-cook oven offers up to three combis in one, with the ability to steam, bake, and air fry different foods simultaneously, at their ideal temperature, fan speed and cook time.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a ventless kitchen or implement a ventless food program, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Alto-Shaam. We’re here to help!

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