Vector F3 Multi-Cook Oven

The back-of-the-house hero.  One Vector F Series oven can replace two traditional ovens, optimizing your kitchen’s square footage and workflow. Available with three or four chambers, their increased capacity means they can significantly increase throughput. Perfect for high-volume, batch cooking.

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Structured Air Technology®

The secret to more food, more often with the highest quality lies in Structured Air Technology®. This innovation offers up to four ovens in one – each chamber with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time control. Cook up to four different food items simultaneously with no flavor transfer.

Vector Multi-Cook Ovens

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Designed for flexible, high-volume production, the CV3 and CV4 models provide the most value out of a single, vertical footprint. Achieve a variety of advanced cooking applications with up to five independent oven chambers. Steam, roast, smoke, bake, grill, finish and more in this cooking solution unlike any other. 

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