Energy Efficient Kitchen Equipment

We all know restaurants consume a ton of energy. With so many appliances involved in creating a menu, it’s crucial to invest in energy efficient kitchen equipment. With inefficient equipment, you may be throwing away thousands of extra dollars for no reason. In this guide, we’ve shared a few of our favorite restaurant kitchen efficiency tips, so your operation can help conserve resources and save money.

Cook with Smart Technology

First, it’s important to consider the most energy-intensive appliances in your kitchen, so that you maximize savings. For example, an oven is usually more energy efficient than a rotisserie, and steam cookers use minimal energy as well. When shopping for a new appliance, look for the Energy Star certification to ensure that it’s designed for efficiency and savings. 

Another form of smart technology is ventless equipment, allowing a kitchen to operate outside of the costly hoodspace. A traditional hood costs about $30 a day to operate, and installing a hood can cost a business up to $4,000 per linear foot. By utilizing ventless equipment, these costs are eliminated.

To further save on energy costs, a restaurant can also invest in multi-functional equipment, where one oven will be able to replace several pieces of equipment within a kitchen. 

Invest in a Self-Cleaning Oven

You can reduce monthly energy bills by purchasing an oven with self-cleaning capabilities. When compared with the money spent cleaning an oven by hand, a self-cleaning model uses up to 50% less water, and it starts with the push of a button. This one tweak can result in hundreds of dollars of yearly energy savings.   

Control Humidity and Temperature with a Combi

Combi ovens are far more energy efficient than traditional convection ovens, because they combine steam and convection in a single cooking process. For example, the Combitherm oven line can cook food up to 80% faster than convection. Likewise, you can adjust humidity and temperature controls independently, which gives you more precise results. Finally, Combitherm ovens have multiple power modes (Turbo, Eco, and Reduced), so you can control the overall energy usage.

Slow-Cook with Radiant Heat

For about $1 a day, you can slow-cook food with a Cook & Hold Oven using Halo Heat® technology. This technology is made of thermal heating cables that are highly energy-efficient. This low-heat process also reduces meat shrinkage up to 18%, and you can place it anywhere because it can operate outside of a kitchen hood. All in all, a Cook & Hold Oven can save a kitchen about $30 a day, which adds up quickly.

We’re proud to offer cutting-edge cooking equipment that is great for the planet that also helps reduce restaurant overhead. To learn more about our energy efficient kitchen equipment, request a quote today. 

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