How to Dehydrate Food with Alto-Shaam Equipment

A number of different restaurants and foodservice operators are dehydrating food to reduce food waste and expand their menus. With dehydrating food, operators are also giving their customers a unique food and culinary experience.


Why dehydrate food?

Expands your menu

Add new flavors to original dishes by using dehydrated foods. Add powdered foods as a new garnish or spice to boost flavor profiles. Rethink menu items and create new dishes with dehydrated foods. These dehydrated foods create intensified, bold flavors that customers will enjoy.

Cuts back on food waste

Foods that are about to spoil and would have otherwise been thrown away can be saved and dehydrated. Dehydrate mushrooms, peppers and numerous other fruits and vegetables to use in other dishes. With dehydration, shelf life is extended and less money/product is wasted.

Removes the need for added preservatives and chemicals

Because dehydrating involves taking the water out of food in order to preserve it, no artificial chemicals or preservatives are added to the food. These dehydrated foods are healthier and more nutrient dense than other artificial alternatives.

Reduces labor

Dehydrate a variety of foods using your Alto-Shaam equipment. Combitherm® combi ovensCook & Hold Ovens and holding cabinets have the capability to dehydrate. Dehydration can be done overnight in order to free up equipment use during service. 


How to dehydrate in a combi oven

Suggested foods:

  • Peppers
  • Pineapple 
  • Vanilla macaroons
  • Carrot dust

How to dehydrate in a Cook & Hold Oven or holding cabinet

  1. Place food in chamber
  2. Set temperature between 140-160°F (depending on time and product)
  3. Open vents
  4. Leave overnight or for desired amount of time 

Suggested foods to dehydrate in an oven:

  • Beef jerky
  • Granulated caramel sugar
  • Butternut squash

Dehydrating food at a commercial level is just one of the many ways to reduce retail foodservice costs, learn more about reducing food waste, eliminating operational costs, and streamlining labor. Looking for more tips, tricks and recipes for getting the maximum use out of your Alto-Shaam equipment? Join us for a free, hands on A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration. 

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