Products You Need For Catering

When purchasing products for catering, you need appliances and equipment that can produce high volumes while keeping food at a consistent, high quality. Furthermore, you need the right equipment to keep your food warm before serving time that won't overcook it or dry it out.

Catering isn’t always an easy task, as business owners must also comply with health regulations, secure approved facilities, and transport supplies to the venue. To that end, we’ve shared our favorite catering kitchen equipment, which can help streamline your operation, provide high volumes of quality food, and take your business to the next level.

CTP20-20 Combi Oven

Built with a roll-in cart for easy transport, the CTP20-20 Combitherm oven cooks up to 20 full-size sheet pans simultaneously, and at record speed. The PROpower™ design delivers powerful blasts of heat, which can cook food up to 20% faster than other combi ovens. 

20-20MW Mobile Roll-In Combimate Halo Heat Holding Cabinet

After cooking a meal with the CTP20-20, it’s so easy to roll the plate cart into the 20-20MW Combimate holding cabinet. This ensures that food stays fresh and warm, without affecting the current moisture level. For even more control, the unit’s adjustable thermostat allows you to monitor the interior temperature, so that it doesn’t fluctuate. With the Combimate, you can create a more efficient and productive catering environment that ensure high quality, food at the perfect temperature for serving.   

1200-TH/III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold Oven

Next, our deluxe Cook & Hold Oven relies on thermal cabling to slow-cook food and achieve incredible results. Without fans, forced air circulation, or added humidity, the Halo Heat design produces truly tender meat on a large scale. This natural process retains up to 18% more food than conventional ovens, saving money and boosting food quality at the same time. With the Cook & Hold, low temperature, slow cooking isn’t complicated, and you can even set the oven to work its magic overnight.

1000-BQ2-192 Halo Heat Mobile Banquet Cart

Often, commercial kitchen equipment is designed with restaurants in mind, and the manufacturers forget about the catering industry. Not so with the 1000-BQ2-192 Mobile Banquet Cart. This heavy-duty unit can hold up to 192 ten-inch plates, and the flexible design can support sheet pans and other plate sizes as well. During service, the interior temperature can be strictly regulated with the unit’s intuitive controls and digital thermostat.

500-HW Halo Heat Drop-In Food Well

Finally, products for catering may also include buffet-style events, and the 500-HW offers an elegant heating solution. Cooks can store up to five full-size pans in the food wells, and then adjust each well with the precise remote control. With a waterless design, just one electrical hookupn is required.

In the market for catering kitchen equipment? Learn more about Alto-Shaam’s favorite appliances for banquets and corporate events, including commercial kitchen products that solve unique catering challenges.

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