Trends in the Convenience Store Segment

Read our recommendations for convenience store foodservice programs to help you decide where to spend your money to improve profits.

With plenty of new products, challenges and changes, convenience store foodservice is an increasingly competitive market. Convenience and quality is essential to driving a profitable operation.

In this deep dive, we've shared the top c-store foodservice trends which can refresh your menu with minimal effort and increase profits. We also outlined the challenges and solutions to rising labor costs and ways to build in greater efficiencies in your c-store.

Grab-and-Go Equipment Solutions

Many c-store patrons want a quality meal that they can eat while traveling, and they're happy to spend a bit more for fresh, hot food. The latest Vector® multi-cook ovens allow c-store operators to cook multiple menu items simultaneously, with independent temperature, cook time, and fan speed controls in each chamber. Meanwhile, new heated shelf merchandisers with top top heat hold food at ideal temperatures longer and more evenly, keeping the quality of food high. This equipment is designed to keep grab-and-go items cooked and held at the highest quality, while also reducing food waste and boosting impulse sales with attractive displays.

Ventless Cooking Solutions

Cooking in a c-store can present unique challenges that restaurants don't have to worry about. If you're trying to make the most of a small floor plan, the new trend is to invest in a ventless oven that doesn't require an exhaust hood. This allows you to install the oven virtually anywhere, including a countertop. Vector H Series multi-cook ovens are certified ventless and provide an unmatched volume and variety of food at the highest quality in a small space.

Rising Labor Costs

Labor costs, one of the largest issues affecting c-store operators, have been rising significantly with turnover at an all-time high. C-stores are finding themselves competing with other industries for staff.

Luckily, the latest cooking solutions are designed to reduce manual labor. Vector ovens feature Structured Air Technology®, which uses vertical air to cook consistently every time. This eliminates the need to rotate pans and babysit the cooking process. Paired with programmable recipes, your staff can cook at the touch of a button, so food comes out the exact same way every time. Now with ChefLinc™ remote oven management technology, you can push and pull recipes from anywhere you are. ChefLinc also provides connected insights that help you streamline your processes and boost efficiency.  

For more information on the best foodservice equipment for your c-store, read our guide here or continue reading for tips on what to consider when choosing C-store foodservice equipment. 

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