5 Tips to Increase Profits While Operating at Lower Capacity

Explore the top five tips to help restaurant operators accelerate their foodservice operations and increase profits.

Restaurants always try to find ways to best serve their customers, despite having limited staff. As the industry continues to evolve, here are five tips to help increase your profits while operating at a lower capacity: 

1. Increase food production

Producing food in a shorter amount of time does not mean having to sacrifice food quality, so look again at the equipment available that can produce quality food faster, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing waste.

2. Re-examine the holding option

If you thought holding cabinets were not for you, think again. Best-practice cooking and holding methods ensure consistently high-quality food that doesn’t spoil, dry out, or otherwise need to be thrown away. Quality holding equipment is the key to enabling a successful takeout and delivery program.

3. Reduce your labor costs

One of the biggest costs and most time-consuming tasks for restaurant employees is cleaning. With some businesses struggling to find and retain labor, maintaining a clean restaurant can become an afterthought as workers try to juggle other tasks and tend to guests. To ease labor pressure, self-cleaning ovens help automate the equipment cleaning process.

4. Introduce more profitable food offerings

Limited Time Offers (LTOs) have long been a familiar part of our foodservice landscape and are particularly important now to cost-effectively refresh your menus and keep customers engaged. Streamline the process and execution of LTOs with cloud-based, remote oven management systems that effortlessly push and pull recipes from ovens.

5. Create an ‘off-stage’ production house

Rather than create challenges of producing food on-site during peak times, consider how you can prepare food ‘off-stage’ to deliver greater volumes but with the same space. Ventless foodservice equipment allows you to use your space, your way—maximizing space and eliminating ventilation costs.

Tim Murphy, Product Specialist at Alto-Shaam, says that operators can set themselves up for success by choosing equipment solutions that maximize profits.

 “Restaurant owners will of course be challenged into making a profit, but by taking some simple steps and investing in innovative equipment, we believe operators can turn more tables and increase profits, even while operating at a lower capacity.”

Learn how current Alto-Shaam customers are increasing food production and minimizing labor costs by reading their success stories.

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