7 Reasons to Attend A Taste of Alto-Shaam

Continuous education and the ability to adapt are crucial for any business. No matter what market you serve, our culinary experts will share tips, ideas and solutions tailored to your unique needs at a free A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration in your area. And of course, you’ll sample lots of great food!

If you haven't attended A Taste of Alto-Shaam, this hands-on demonstration is one you ­­­won't want to miss. The reasons to experience A Taste of Alto-Shaam are endless. However, we've picked the top seven reasons why you'll enjoy attending this free event near you.

1. Expand your menu

During the cooking demonstration, you will have the opportunity to explore new ways to develop and enhance your menu offerings without adding extra labor. Culinary experts will demonstrate the multi-functionality of Alto-Shaam equipment, and how it allows you to execute a wide range of cooking applications. 

You will learn just how easy it is to bake, sear, roast, air fry, steam and more in the exact same oven at the exact same time with programmable, intuitive multi-cook ovens. Additionally, you will discover how low-temperature Cook & Hold Ovens can roast, proof, braise, reheat, ferment, sous-vide, hold and more. The demonstration is a great opportunity to explore new recipes and techniques if you are in the process of enhancing your menu.  

2. Discover Savings

You’ll also learn how you can cut back on labor and reduce operating costs. Alto-Shaam's full line of kitchen equipment is designed with built-in savings and efficiencies, including: 

  • Programmable recipes, Cheflinc™ remote oven management and deluxe touchscreen controls streamline menu execution. Cloud-based oven management allows you to push recipes and limited time offers, adjust settings, and more, all with the push of a button from anywhere you are. All your kitchen staff then needs to do is select the pre-programmed recipe on the unit and walk away for labor-free cooking.
  • Overnight cooking in Cook & Hold Ovens frees up additional time during the workday. With an automatic switch from cook mode to holding mode, any employee can set it and forget it. No fans. No water. No hood needed.
  • Prodigi™ Combi Ovens  and Converge® Multi-Cook Ovens come with a self-cleaning design and optional grease collection system to cut back on manual labor. The grease collection system is automatic throughout the cooking cycle, which eliminates the risk of injury to extra time to degrease the oven after each shift or at the end of the night. Employees can also effortlessly turn on a self-cleaning cycle at the end of each day for hands-free cleaning, saving you hours of extra labor each day. 
  • Multi-Cook Ovens feature exclusive Structured Air Technology® —    breakthrough in cooking technology — that allows for faster, more even cooking without needing to babysit the cooking process and rotate pans. Imagine the flexibility, variety, and space-savings with four ovens in one. Additionally,  countertop multi-cook ovens can be placed anywhere with ventless operation (H Series only). 

3. Increase food production

Increase production while maintaining food's consistency by using Alto-Shaam's time- and labor-saving equipment. Whether you are serving 50, 500 or 5000, Alto-Shaam equipment is designed to maintain food quality and consistency while serving your guests. 

Perfect for high-volume, batch cooking, Vector® F Series Multi-Cook Ovens are equipped with four independent oven chambers and full-size sheet pan capacity.  Optimize your kitchen’s square footage and workflow with a waterless, stackable design.

A one-of-a-kind stacking combination, the Prodigi Pro can be stacked over a Vector F Series Oven for unmatched production, efficiency and superior food quality in a single, vertical footprint.

4. Enhance Food Quality

Poor quality is invariably a result of inconsistent cooking applications and harsh holding techniques– issues that can both be easily overcome when armed with the right equipment to keep your food hot.

The range of Alto-Shaam heated holding products is extensive, from heated shelf merchandisers and hot hold cabinets through to drawer warmers and hot food wells. Choosing holding equipment with gentle, precise Halo Heat® Technology allows operators to maintain the highest food quality, and achieve longer hold times without harsh heating elements, fans or added humidity.

5. Strategize with peers and culinary experts 

Have questions? Our culinary experts are here to help! Not only do you get to work with culinary experts, but the interactive demos allow you to work with other professionals in the foodservice industry. Share your thoughts, challenges, and solutions with one another. 

6. Grow your business

Consider all you've learned from this experience and take it with you. Whether it be new recipes, different cooking techniques or operational advice, use it to your benefit and grow your business! 

Across the foodservice industry, Alto-Shaam is here to help you conquer your foodservice challenges and meet your specific needs. Whether your operation is large or small, we have the right-sized equipment and system solutions for you. 

And last but not least...

7. Eat great food!

Who doesn't love free food? After you see the equipment in action, you taste and experience the finished product for yourself. We promise you won't leave the demonstration disappointed ... or hungry!

Interested in attending? Find A Taste of Alto-Shaam demonstration near you. Invite your friends and colleagues and register today at

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