Combi Ovens Can Do It All

There’s nothing quite like a combi oven. It offers the best of convection and steam cooking methods, with precise controls that allow you to achieve incredible results. In this guide, we’ve shared just a few distinguishing features of today’s combi ovens, specifically the Alto-Shaam CT PROformance™ Combitherm® combi oven line, and how they compare to the competition.

What is a Combi Oven?

Combi ovens (or “combination ovens”) take the concept of traditional convection ovens one step further, combining an array of fans with a steam system. In particular, the Combitherm ovens can cook food up to 80% faster than traditional convection, and without compromising on food quality. They also use Alto-Shaam’s PROpower™ technology to achieve much faster preheating and cooking times.

Why Choose a Combi?

Unlike steamer ovens, a combi provides total control over the humidity percentage, temperature, and other settings. Cooking solely with steam is a healthy option, but if you want to brown meats, you need convection heat as well. Truly, combi ovens can do it all.   

Here are just a few added benefits of using a combi:

Roast, Steam, Smoke, and More:

Combi ovens offer tremendous versatility. If you need to roast a chicken, steam vegetables, dehydrate meat, hot or cold smoke, or bake bread, you can use the same unit to achieve your goal. The only limit is your imagination.

Use Less Treated Water:

The Combitherm oven line reduces costs on water usage, because the ovens utilize untreated water during the rinse cycle, and save treated water for the cooking process. This requires a separate treated inlet and untreated inlet. You can find more information on each oven’s water requirements by clicking on the Resources tab on the product page and viewing the unit’s Product Specifications. When you’re ready to install the combi in your kitchen, we offer a factory-authorized Combi Installation Program that ensures your kitchen and water quality is suitable for a combi. It also guarantees safety and optimal oven performance.

Manage Recipes Digitally:

With the PROtouch™ recipe system, you can store and recall as many recipes as you like. The one-touch controls allow you to achieve consistent results, using the customized settings that you’ve perfected over time. Furthermore, you can download recipes to an external device using USB.

The features listed above are only a few advantages of our combitherm ovens. Visit the product pages or contact us to learn more about our combitherm oven features designed to improve your food quality and consistency!

See a Combi in Action

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