Macarons, Three Different Ways

What is it about macarons that captivates taste buds? Is it the subtle and sweet almond flavor? Or the unmistakable chew of the ground almond, whisked with eggs and powdered sugar? Also known as French macarons, these colorful and delightful treats are the perfect dessert for a catered event. In this guide, we’ve shared three macaron recipes using three different Alto-Shaam ovens, which all offer a consistent, perfect cook on the dainty confection.

Using the CTP Combi Oven

When baking French macarons, each step must be followed exactly, or the final product will be subpar. Luckily, our CT PROfromance™ Combitherm ovens offer precise control over the temperature, humidity, and other oven parameters, so you can dial in the perfect settings. Likewise, the combi can harness convection and steam cooking simultaneously, which is great for achieving light, chewy macaroons.

Here's the full step-by-step recipe, along with helpful pictures for first-time macaroon bakers. 

Check out How to Bake French Macaroons in the Alto Shaam CTP.

Using the Cook & Hold Oven

Next, the Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven uses consistent, low heat to slow-cook your macaroons until they’re just right. This saves time and money, because you can utilize less energy than conventional ovens to get the job done. 

Here's the full 20-step recipe, along with detailed instructions and photos. 

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Using the Vector™ F Series Multi-Cook Oven

Unlike other Alto-Shaam ovens (or any ovens, period), the full-size Vector Multi-Cook Oven offers three or four independent chambers. These isolated cooking chambers operate with their own temperature, cooking time, and fan speed settings.This is extremely useful when preparing full-course meals for events. You can bake macarons in one chamber and cook chicken in another, all with zero flavor transfer. Exclusive Structured Air Technology™ within each chamber delivers precise, even heat to food for superior cooking results. 

For best results, bake a full-size sheet tray with the cavity set point at 285°F (140°C) for 13 minutes, and the fan at 20%. If you’re only baking a half-size sheet pan, you can reduce the cooking time to 9 minutes. Then, follow the Combitherm macaroon recipe above for the remaining steps.

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