Top Food Industry Trends for 2019

While saying goodbye to the trends 2018 is bittersweet, we welcome a slew of new food industry trends for 2019. What’s going to be the hottest flavor combination? Will there be a new ingredient that takes over the food world this year? What new technology can we expect in the kitchen? Here are our top four predictions for the year: 

1. Plant-based eating

Plant-based eating and dining were popular in 2018, and we see even greater demand in 2019. Rather than simply swapping and offering vegetables as meat alternatives, we believe operators will begin to demonstrate that their food is backed by science. Many companies are redefining plant-based eating by developing foods that taste, cook and have the same texture as meat. This trend follows suit to growing sustainability practices and our collective interest in reducing harm to ecosystems. We believe foodservice operators will continue this trend in 2019 with gusto and offer plant-based menu items that are increasingly creative.

2. Natural food enhancements

“Food with benefits” will be the motto of 2019. We saw a plethora of natural food enhancements and supplements hit the market last year. Infused-pressed juices with cleansing ingredients such as turmeric have replaced coffee, powdered supplements have become a staple in health-conscious diets and cannabis-infused cooking oils promote relaxation and stress relief. As consumers gain interest in healthy and natural remedies for their bodies, all of these trends and more will be catapulted into 2019.

3. Even more delivery 

With growing pressure to stay competitive, an increasing amount of operators are offering delivery through third-party platforms or as a built-in aspect of their operation. We see this trend changing the way the industry operates. Restaurants will need to adapt their offerings to not only accommodate the current demand but also come up with new and innovative ways to drive brand loyalty. Over the next few years, delivery options will likely increase incrementally, and operators may gain more and more interest in automated delivery solutions in the face of a shrinking labor force.

4. Extravagant, eye-catching meals

We believe that 2019 will produce the best of the best in terms of creativity in the kitchen. Chefs will have to challenge themselves and their equipment to produce foods that are not only delicious but also creates an aesthetically pleasing experience worthy of returning and sharing on social media. Get your camera ready, because 2019 is going to be extravagant.

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