CTP6-10 Combi Oven

As reliable as the shift is long. Perfect for smaller side items or specialty dishes, the CTP6-10 Countertop Combitherm Oven has the ability to steam, bake, braise, roast, oven-fry and retherm your signature dishes in a compact design. Stack two small combi ovens together, or place it on a stand or countertop for quality food production without sacrificing space.

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See what sets our combi oven above the rest

Zero clearance design saves valuable space under the exhaust hood and reduces ventilation costs. Place CT PROformance models next to any piece of equipment - anywhere on the line

PROpower™ technology is 20% faster than other commercial combi ovens and up to 80% faster than convection technology. Choose from Reduced, Eco and Turbo power levels for enhanced production, improved temperature control and quicker recovery times.

80% less water usage with boilerless design. Superior performance, improved reliability, and less maintenance costs associated with boiler parts and labor.

Seamlessly-integrated smoker with optional CombiSmoke® feature. Smoke hot or cold with real wood chips. No odor or flavor residue. No impact on combi oven capacity, door seal or performance.

Removable food probe can be easily calibrated. This commercial oven thermometer is designed to be removed for easy replacement, greater reliability and reduced oven downtime and repair costs. Sous vide probe optional. 

Keep employees safe with Safevent™ oven venting system that automatically vents heat and steam during the last 60 seconds of the cooking cycle. Open the door as soon as the cooking cycle ends without exposure to heat and steam.


CTP6-10 Combi Oven Key Features

-LED illuminated door handle is designed for the needs of the busy kitchen, and provides visual notification of the oven status. 

- Front-accessible, retractable rinse hose. PROrinse™ high-efficiency spray head. 

- Absolute Humidity Control™ allows for selection of any humidity level from 0–100% to maximize food quality, texture and yield. The five-speed, auto-reversing fan provides balanced airflow for ideal product browning, texture and finish.

- Reduce labor with CombiCleanPLUS™ automatic cleaning with five cycle options from "light clean" to "heavy soil." Uses safe, convenient cleaning tablets or optional liquid cleaner.

- PROtouch™ Control allows for simple use and navigation, customizable recipe management, and intuitive one-touch-cooking.

- Optional automatic commercial grease trap system safely extracts and disposes hot grease with a pump-style system to simplify cleaning, reduce labor and maintenance costs and decrease oven downtime due to grease buildup. 

- Maximize space and savings by operating your combi oven outside of a traditional kitchen hood. Ventech™ and Ventech™ PLUS Type 1 hoods with condensation technology condense steam while capturing and removing grease-laden air, vapors and lingering smoke. 

- CoolTouch3™ triple panel glass door keeps workers safe. Triple-pane glass keeps the heat inside, while keeping the glass cool to the touch and providing 15% greater thermal retention to improve combi oven performance and efficiency.

- Recessed door option retracts along the combi oven’s side and out to the way to provide additional space in tight kitchens. 

- Optional commercial reverse osmosis system supplies the combi oven with high-quality, treated water to reduce water-related maintenance and extend equipment lifetime. 

- Made in the USA with a commitment to quality. 

CTP6-10 Product Details


7 Full-Size Hotel Pans (2-1/2")
7 GN 1/1 Pans (65mm)
7 Half-Size Sheet Size Pans (1") 

Dimensions H x W x D

35-1/8" x 35-11/16" x 41-7/16"
892mm x 906mm x 1053mm 

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Combining multiple cooking functions into a single appliance, Combitherm® ovens provide endless versatility, reliability and unmatched performance. Your all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent food production. Combitherm ovens do the work of a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker and more. Combitherm ovens give you the power to execute every dish, no matter how simple or complex, faster than ever with flawless precision and consistency.

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At Alto-Shaam we understand that the oven is the centerpiece of any kitchen. 
That’s why we’re relentlessly driven to design and manufacture products that perform flawlessly in the most demanding conditions to give operators confidence and consistency in every meal. And our team is just as committed to providing industry-leading service and support. From installation consultation to equipment training to around the clock, every day technical assistance to culinary support — you can trust that we are here for you.

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Boilerless Design + PROpower™ Technology

There are other combi ovens out there, but none can match the performance and efficiency of Alto-Shaam. The key is our innovative boilerless design paired with PROpower™ technology. Discover unmatched performance and efficiency and enhance control over recovery, cooking times and food quality using 80% less water. 

Combitherm® Combi Ovens

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