Chicken in half the time. Cook 21 birds in just 45 minutes - twice as fast as traditional models. Maximize food presentation during the cooking process, enticing customers with succulent chicken roasting right in front of their eyes. Turn more product and profits.

  • AR-7E Electric Countertop Rotisserie
    21-28 chickens (3.5 lb/1.6 kg)

  • AR-7EVH Ventless Hood Electric Rotisserie
    21-28 Chickens (3.5 Lb/1.6 Kg)

  • AR-7E-GC Rotisserie Grease Collection Cart

  • AR-7H Halo Heat Holding Cabinet
    24 Chicken Boats

  • AR-6G European Style Vertical Gas Rotisserie
    36-42 chickens (2.5 Lb/1.3 Kg)

Busy Deli Counts on Alto-Shaam Equipment to Delight Customers

Sendik's Food Market stores in six southeastern Wisconsin communities rely on our rotisserie, combi and cook & hold ovens to keep customers coming back time after time.

Chicken in Half Time

AR-7EVH_chicken_lr.jpgAlto-Shaam's commercial rotisserie oven stands alone, with faster cooking times, lower energy consumption, and more powerful controls than the competition. This glass-door rotisserie streamlines cooking and provides an appealing visual for hungry customers.

Alto-Shaam’s stainless steel AR-7E cooks twice as fast as other rotisserie models, while also burning up to 30% less power, thereby doubling the production at a fraction of the cost. The AR-7E rotisserie oven only uses 37¢ of electricity to cook 28 chickens. 

When displaying the Alto-Shaam rotisserie for customers, an optional ventless hood allows this unit to cook right in front of the customers. The stackable design helps to save space without cramping the line. Depending on the job, a variety of optional spits are also available for use in the same oven, including a piercing spit, basket spit, and turkey spit. 

When it’s time to clean up, Alto-Shaam rotisseries are easy to disassemble into their component parts — the spits, rotating disks, and drip strips can all be removed for washing. Food drippings are directed into a stainless drip pan, which also slides out for easy disposal. For even more protection, an optional teflon coating makes it virtually effortless to clean up food spills.

Depending on your kitchen’s needs, Alto-Shaam’s rotisserie ovens come in a range of configurations and sizes. To learn more about the rotisserie line, we invite you to attend a demo or chat online with one of our chefs.

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