How to Navigate Rising Labor Costs

Today’s shortages in the labor market have put extra pressure on employers to raise wages so that they can stay competitive. This is especially true for the foodservice industry, where unfilled job openings increased by 20 percent from August 2017 to 2018. Below, we’ve shared how to navigate rising labor costs with smarter business practices and cutting-edge equipment, so you can weather the storm.

How to Navigate Rising Labor Costs

Today, many restaurants and foodservice businesses are having difficulty staffing their kitchens with line cooks, chefs and other key back-of-house roles.

From 2017 to 2018, the foodservice industry experienced an increase in unfilled jobs by 20 percent. These challenges could continue, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for cooks to rise by 6 percent over the next decade.

Employers are facing a growing pressure to raise wages in order to stay competitive in the market. While rising wages are excellent for the workforce, the trend is creating challenges for business owners and managers.

To help lower costs while still employing a strong workforce, foodservice operators are looking for smarter solutions that boost efficiency in all areas of their business. Luckily, there is equipment on the market designed to help foodservice professionals mitigate these labor challenges. Here are a few equipment features that help cut costs and improve efficiency:

Labor Savings

  • One-touch cooking to improve productivity
  • Automatic grease collection
  • Self-cleaning equipment
  • Labor-free overnight cooking with cook and hold ovens

Cut Overhead Costs

  • Low energy/water usage equipment
  • Certified-ventless equipment to eliminate ventilation costs

Reduce Food Costs

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