Rotisserie Installation Program

Setting You Up for Success

This Alto-Shaam-certified program works with customers and dealers to ensure that every Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven, the AR-7T, is properly installed and fully functional. Rotisserie installation requires connections to electrical, water, gas and a drain line. If not installed properly, your oven might not function properly, which could lead to unwanted downtime in your kitchen.


We strongly encourage this Factory-Authorized Installation Program so that your Self-Cleaning Rotisserie Oven is optimally performing from the start. This simple three-step process includes: 
- Pre-Site Visit: Our evaluation team ensures that your facility is ready for installation and helps you know what steps need to be taken in order to properly prepare your space. 
- Installation: A certified service partner will ensure your oven is installed properly. 
- On-Site Evaluation: Once installation is complete, our team performs a thorough check of the equipment and conducts a performance evaluation.


For additional information regarding our Factory Authorized Installation program, please click here.

For additional information regarding our Factory Authorized Mechanical Start-Up program, please click here.


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