Introduce bold, new flavors to your menu. Real smoke comes from real wood. Real control comes from Halo Heat® technology. Expand your menu, without adding sodium, fats, or sugars. Our Smokers even improve your product yield the same way our Original Cook & Hold Ovens do.

  • 1000-SK/I Smoker Oven
    240 lb (109 kg), 6 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

  • 1000-SK/II Smoker Oven
    120 lb (54 kg), 3 Full-Size Pans capacity

  • 1000-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven
    120 lb (54 kg), 3 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

  • 1200-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven
    240 lb (109 kg), 6 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

  • 1767-SK Smoker Oven
    200 lb (90 kg), 18 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

  • 1767-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven
    200 lb (90 kg), 14 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

  • 767-SK Smoker Oven
    100 lb (45 kg), 7 Full-Size Pans capacity

  • 767-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven
    100 lb (45 kg), 9 Full-Size GN 1/1 Pans capacity

Add Smoke to Your Menu

1767-SKIII_fd_DO_hr.jpgBarbecue is an art form, and meat smokers play a huge role in whether your final product will be tasty or inedible. A quality smoker oven can cook cuts of meat at a relatively low temperature, allowing tough tissues to soften and fat to melt down over an extended period of time. 

There are plenty of commercial smokers on the market — such as pit smokers and pellet grills — but if you’re running a slick indoor kitchen, the best option is a smoker oven. Since 1968, Alto-Shaam’s SK series of professional smokers have used Halo Heat technology to stand out from the typical oven. By surrounding your food with a low-heat electric cable, Halo Heat thoroughly cooks your food to a consistent temperature that keeps in moisture and retains heat until serving time – all while smoking your beef brisket and more.

This Alto-Shaam cooking innovation also helps to cut back on energy and labor costs, since the electric method is highly efficient and can be utilized overnight. Ultimately, you end up with delicious results that also preserve the food’s nutritional benefits.

In addition to smoking beef,pork, and chicken with ease, Alto-Shaam’s smoker ovens are perfectly suited for cold smoking fish, poultry, or cheese. The oven’s cold smoke feature can give your gouda and salmon that same rich taste, without actually cooking the food.   

Alto-Shaam’s meat smokers can be used in many foodservice operations. Restaurants, banquet halls, stadiums, supermarkets and hospitals can all take advantage of the smoker oven’s versatility and unique heating properties. Once you’ve set the smoking process in motion, the SK series doesn’t need to be checked or maintained as it cooks. Instead, you can focus on other areas of the kitchen, while letting the oven do its job.  

Depending on your needs, Alto-Shaam’s commercial smokers come in a range of sizes and configurations. We offer single or double compartment ovens, 100-pound or 120-pound (per compartment) capacities, and simple or deluxe programmable controls. To learn more about our industry-leading smoker Cook & Hold ovens, we invite you to attend a demo.

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