Precise, low-temperature cooking with Halo Heat® technology perfected prime rib for decades. Free up time with overnight cooking for corned beef, confit and even yogurt. Cook your food to perfection and hold for hours without compromising food quality. No fans. No hood needed. Only big flavor and savings.

Cook & Hold Ovens

  • 300-TH-III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold Oven
    36 lb (16 kg), 3 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 500-TH-II Cook & Hold Oven
    40 Lb (18 Kg), 4 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 500-TH-III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold Oven
    40 lb (18 kg), 4 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 750-TH-II Cook & Hold Oven
    100 lb (45 kg), 10 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 750-TH-III Deluxe Cook & Hold Oven
    100 lb (45 kg), 10 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 1000-TH-I Cook & Hold Oven
    240 lb (108 kg), 8 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 1000-TH-II Cook & Hold Oven
    120 lb (54 kg), 8 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 1000-TH-III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold Oven
    120 lb (54 kg), 4 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity

  • 1200-TH-III Deluxe Control Cook & Hold Oven
    240 lb (108 kg) 8 Full-Size/GN Pans Capacity*

Busy Deli Counts on Alto-Shaam Equipment to Delight Customers

Sendik's Food Market stores in six southeastern Wisconsin communities rely on our cook & hold, rotisserie and combi ovens to keep customers coming back time after time.

Discover the Halo Heat Cook & Hold Advantage
Variety Keeps Students on Murray State University Campus

Tim Bruce, Director of Dining Services & Racer Hospitality at Murray State University in Kentucky, USA talks about why his school relies on Alto-Shaam combi ovens, blast chillers and cook & hold ovens.

Food as Art

Expectations are high for events at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The culinary team at the Milwaukee Art Museum relies on Alto-Shaam ovens to provide the best banqueting experience.

Cook & Hold to the (Bar) Rescue!

Alto-Shaam's very own Cook and Hold Oven starred on the popular reality show, Bar Rescue, proving that with the help of a great oven, even a one-man kitchen in a 50 year old dive bar can turn out great food. (Season 2, Ep. 201)

Discover Halo Heat Technology

Featuring Alto-Shaam unique Halo Heat® technology, the Cook & Hold makes it easy for the oven to transition to a holding temperature until serving time. The radiant properties of Halo Heat provide higher protein yields, energy usage, and the need for additional appliances, saving time and money in a crowded kitchen.

750-TH3_Fd_lr.jpgDesigned to work overnight, Alto-Shaam’s cook and hold ovens are highly efficient, eliminating the need for extra manpower during the cooking process. For about $1 a day, the oven can be utilized to its full potential. Unlike traditional convection ovens, the Cook & Hold series also reduces meat shrinkage by 18%, while also producing a more tender product. The Halo Heat process isn’t only limited to cooking meat — chefs can harness the low, consistent heat to prepare stock, clarify butter, and dry fruit.

Due to the Cook & Hold’s extremely low emissions, added ventilation isn’t necessary. This can save kitchens about $30 a day in operating costs, eliminating the hassle and expense of installing a hood.

Controls on Alto-Shaam ovens are intuitive and precise, allowing users to find their ideal settings and know that they’ll taste the same delicious results. Temperature, cooking time, and holding settings can be selected from one screen.

With the deluxe control option, chefs can also save up to eight recipes — each with their own cooking, holding, and time instructions. If the oven door is left open too long, Alto-Shaam’s SureTemp™ heat recovery system feature will kick in, regulating the oven’s temperature so the food is still cooking consistently. When left open for three minutes, an alarm will sound. For even more control on the deluxe models, an included probe attachment can sense the lowest and highest internal temperatures, eliminating the risk of serving undercooked food.        

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